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El sabor de la fruta recién cosechada

The flavour of the fruit is the key factor on which we mainly focus.

fuji energie de de nueva zelanda

Our eco-friendly venture aim only to the available seasonal products traditionally cultivated with no pesticides at all; and within a delivery time ready to be on a point-of-sale in less than 24 hours right from the moment the product’s harvesting.

Furthermore, we adjust to every client’s need offering him/her the packaging format requested from the very beginning.

As such, we expedite the delivery time and we avoid overcharging fees for a repackaging of the product.


Our national products are packed inside re-usable plastic boxes.

lechugas vivas

Products for import are wrapped within 100% renewable boxes made of disposable corrugated cardboard.

The Eco-friendly Line is completed with the local product. Less usage of transportation means less carbon emissions to the atmosphere and a much healthier product for its final consumer.