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El sabor de la fruta recién cosechada

Citrus Fruits

Although Valencia is very well known for the quality of its tangerines and oranges production, unfortunately, these fruits, we do not have them available during summer time.

Instead, we do have collaborators that produce these so appreciated citrus fruits in low seasons in places where they cannot be found such as in Spain.

That is why we can trust our producers from South Africa and Ecuador. We also rely on Argentina concerning lemons production; and for limes crops, we rely on Brazil.

Wherever the juicy oranges are, we bring them right to your table… No frontiers, no barriers.

Apples & Pears

Our pears and apples producers work and live sparsed all along the national territory from Aragon, to La Rioja, to Cataluña and Extremadura.

From the Italian Alps we have our famous Sudtirol apples, an excellent high quality zone of apple production, with a variety of brands such as the Golden Delicious, the Granny Smith, the Royal Gala and the Red Delicious. 

In France, at the Domaine d’Aquitaine’s region, we have the best Fuji apples

manzanas del sudtirolProducers from Europe.. But we also have producers in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Belgium… The best pears and apples we have them available all the year round.

Costa Rica has the best pineapples piña del monte en los puestos de agropons

Piñas del monte

And so do we, with brands such as Del Monte, F. Orsero, Chiquita, and so on.

We are able to offer the utmost high quality product all the year round by ripening it at the right time of maturity.